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Friday, March 14, 2008

I condemn these awful, reprehensible comments, which I will repeat in case you didn't hear them.

A riff that burbled up when my friend Bill Shein sent me this news link with the aside, "We’ll see this headline, what, 2.4 million times if it’s McCain vs. Obama?"
"McCain Campaign Condemns Backer's Obama Remarks"

JOHN McCAIN: "Let me say again: I completely condemn Rev. Hagee's use of Mr. Obama's middle name, which is Hussein," McCain said. "I condemn it. It has no place in my campaign. I also condemn the insidious suggestion that Mr. Obama may or not be a Muslim and attended a Madrassah, perhaps with future members of Hezbollah. These reprehensible suggestions have no place in my or any campaign. I also condemn the fact that an unidentified person chose to distribute this photograph of Mr. Obama wearing an Islamic head wrap. Can we show it? There. That one. I specifically condemn this photograph, of which my staff is distributing four-color reproductions. No, Dave, not the one of him not putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Different stack. I also condemn those. No, the head-wrap. Yes. This tactic is loathsome and shocks the conscience! Let me add that I condemn and revile without reservation the notion that somehow Mr. Obama is to be held in low regard because in that book he admitted to smoking marijuana and perhaps ingested other drugs, such as crack or heroin, or huffed gasoline out of a bucket, I'm not saying he did, but to suggest that he did, or still does, is scandalous and I abhor it. I abhor it! I also condemn.. what else have I got here.. [shuffles papers] Antichrist -- that one is awful, totally out of bounds, call someone Devilspawn, it has no place in the.. what else.. Hussein.. said it.. the flag pin thing -- awful -- unconscionable to even mention it... anyway, I will be condemning these vile acts again for the 6:30 pm live network feed."


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